Biogas Systems




Safety of the landfill gas system is the main point of landfill site. Efficiency of the landfills gas system is its “delivery” of the gas that can be converted into electrical energy. Management and servicing of the landfill gas system is in direct function of projected and as built degassing system. Professional opinion, analyzes and specific project or maintenance and management tasks, Bio Moto company does itself, but also on based on working with some of the leading companies in the field. Our task is to offer the biggest support to our clients while the fazes,projecting and building, and also maintaining landfills biogas systems. We offer you optimal and checked solutions for landfills biogas systems. Have you got too much condensate in your gas system? Do you need an upgrade on your current gas set up? Having difficulties in generator work? Talk to us with trust and use our work experience from local and outlandish electric power plant started by landfill gasses.


Using biogas in industry has been an increasing potential. Food industry records increasing of using biogases in circular processes – from production to using, from by-products to warmth and energy in boilers and generators. We can calculate the energetic potential of Your biogas manufacture and offer You a solution for its quality using.